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Rates & Policies & Important Dates

Important Dates & Closings | View our Dress Code here | Download the Parent Handbook here (.pdf file)


An Annual Registration Fee is due once a year at the time of registration along with a one month Tuition Deposit which will be applied to cover the cost of the last month of the dancer’s last session providing 30 days notice has been given. Without notice, the deposit is not refundable. Notice is not required for the last session of the school year. The registration fee is $25.00 for an individual student or $40.00 per family. A pro-rated registration fee is available for students beginning mid-year. Please refer to the registration fee chart.

• Annual Registration (September – August) $25.00 (Individual) $40.00 (Family)
• Beginning after February 28 $15.00 (Individual) $30.00 (Family)
• Summer Only $10.00 (Individual)


  • Students & Families enrolling during Priority Registration August 3 – August 14 will receive $5.00 off the Registration Fee! The $5.00 discount does not apply with any other Registration Discounts.
  • Registration Fees are non-refundable.

Tuition is based on a season (Fall/Spring) total which can be paid by the SEMESTER or in installments. Installment Tuition Payments are due on the 1st of each month. Tuition is based on the number of weeks in a semester & remains the same regardless of the number of weeks in the month.  If payment is not received by the 7th of the month or by the second class of the 4 week session, a $15.00 Late Fee will be added to the student’s account. The “Late Fee Policy” for Elite Academy of Dance & Performing Arts will be STRICTLY ENFORCED.


4 WEEK SESSION CLASS FEES: Tuition is based on the number of hours taken by the student each week. Once you determine the number of hours the dancer/performer will be attending class each week you can use the chart below to determine the tuition cost for each 4 week session.

Hours per Week
(Up to...)
Cost per 4
Week Session
30 minutes$40.00
45 minutes$50.00
1      hour$55.00
1.25 hours$63.00
1.5   hours$75.00
1.75 hours$80.00
2      hours$85.00
2.25 hours$98.00
2.5   hours$110.00
2.75 hours$115.00
3      hours$120.00
3.25 hours$125.00
3.50 hours$130.00
3.75 hours$135.00
4      hours        $140.00
4.25 hours$145.00
4.50 hours$150.00
5      hours$160.00
5.50 hours$170.00
6      hours$180.00

FAMILY DISCOUNTS: We offer Family Discounts of 10% off classes for the second sibling. Additional siblings attend classes for $25.00 an hour per month! **Family Discounts may not be used with Multi Class discounts or any other discounts. The discount is applied to the lower tuition amount.  

PRIVATE LESSONS: Private lessons are available but are not included as part of the Unlimited Class Plan. If you are interested in scheduling a Private, Duet or Trio please speak with Jennifer.  Private lessons paid monthly on the 1st of the month for four 30 minute private classes are Solos $100.00; Duets $55.00 per Dancer; Trios $40.00 per Dancer for the month.  Ala Carte Solo classes are $30.00 per 30 minute class and must be paid before or on the day of the shceduled class. 

METHODS OF PAYMENT: We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover Card, Debit Cards, Checks and Cash. We do not accept Money Orders or Traveler’s Checks.  You may pay on-line and/or set up monthly automatic payments.

LATE FEE POLICY: There will be a $15.00 charge on Tuition received after the 7th of the month. In the event of illness or if you will be out of town or miss class on the week that tuition is due you may mail a tuition check to the studio or call and pay by phone with a Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card.

RETURNED CHECK FEE: There will be a $25.00 Service Charge on all returned checks.

PRORATED FEES: We will prorate monthly class fees for NEW dancers that begin dancing in the middle of the month. Tuition WILL NOT be prorated if a dancer misses class for any reason.

WITHDRAWAL POLICY: We understand that a student may be unable to or choose to no longer continue taking class. A dancer may withdraw from class at any time and return at a later date IF SPACE IS AVAILABLE. Please notify Ellen if your dancer will not be continuing with classes. The one month Tuition Deposit and Registration Fee are non-refundable. Tuition credits must be used within one year.

Important Dates & Closings for 2022-2023

August 22 - August 27 - First Week for Fall Semester Classes

September 5 - Labor Day – Studio Closed (No Classes)

October 31 - Halloween - Studio Closed (No Classes)

November 21-26  Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving Fall Break - Studio Closed (No Classes) 

Winter Performance - Friday December 16

December 12 - December 17 - Last Week of Fall Semester 

December 19 - January 1 Winter Break – Closed (No Classes)

January 2 - Spring Semester Classes Begin

April 4- 9 - Spring BreakClosed (No Classes)

May 21 - Grande Recital

May 22 - May 29 - Last Week of Classes


Inclement Weather Policy (Snow & Ice Days)
Elite Academy of Dance & Performing Arts will closely follow the Jefferson County Public School (JCPS) system’s decision for canceling school and classes. The days we are closed however, will not always be the same due to the fact that the roads may clear up in the afternoon or worsen as nighttime approaches depending on when the weather hits. If JCPS calls for an early dismissal due to weather and/or cancels their evening classes and activities, we will be closed. If there is a late opening or delay our classes will meet as scheduled. If you have questions or are uncertain about whether classes will be held please call 425-6700. We do not pro-rate or deduct from Tuition due to weather, however, all students are welcome to schedule make-up classes that are missed due to snow. Closures will be posted on News Web Sites & Facebook.


It is important that dancers attend all scheduled classes. Regular attendance is imperative for consistent progress and to ensure that the dancer receives the maximum benefit from the class. This is especially true in group classes where a student’s absence will have an effect on the formations involving other students and placement in the choreography of routines. It is the student and/or parents responsibility for obtaining any information missed when absent.

**Remember, tuition is due whether or not a dancer is able to attend all classes in a month. Credit is not given for missed classes.

What to Wear for Dance Class

****We are so excited to announce that our studio shop is LIVE! Click on the link to purchase your dancers dancewear. We have made class lists, but you are also free to shop for leotards of different styles in the appropriate color for your dancers class level. We have also listed the shoes and tights they will need for this dance season. All items will be shipped to your house within 2 business days.

Dress Code (Boys)

Black warm-up or jazz pants, white or black tank or t-shirt, black ballet shoes & black tap shoes, and/or jazz shoes.

Dress Code (Girls)



Baby BallerinaLight BlueLight Pink Pink Ballet & Black Tap Shoes
Tutu CutePinkLight Pink Pink Ballet & Black Tap Shoes
Tiny DancerLavenderLight Pink Pink  & Black Tap Shoes
Combo ClassesBlackLight PinkPink Ballet, Tan Jazz & Black Tap Shoes
Ballet IntensiveBlackLight PinkPink Ballet Shoes
Technique Classes   


  • SKIRTS are optional – Chiffon or Georgette skirts may be worn.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO tutu’s, sequined, or netted skirts.

Musical Theater Classes should wear Black dance pants (i.e.: jazz pants/shorts, warm-up pants) & black leotards, or BLACK tank tops, fitted t-shirts, etc. and Ballet or Jazz Shoes. The instructor must be able to see what the student is doing, so no baggy or over-sized pants or t-shirts. Absolutely no jeans!!

Hip Hop Classes should wear Black dance pants (i.e.: jazz pants/shorts, warm-up pants) & black leotards, or BLACK tank tops, fitted t-shirts, etc. & Tan Jazz Shoes. No baggy or over-sized pants or t-shirts. Absolutely no jeans!!

Dance Teams: Black Leotards (NO EXCEPTIONS), Pink or Tan Tights, Pink Ballet Shoes & Tan Jazz Shoes. Black split-sole Tap Shoes will be needed for Tap Team. Black Dance shorts may be worn over black leotard for Jazz Technique, Hip Hop & Tap Classes.
Hair – should be pulled back and secured out of the eyes. Long hair should be in a ponytail, braid or bun.

Jewelry – NO dangling earrings (post only), No necklaces, or bracelets. Please remove jewelry before class.


You may purchase dance shoes at the following stores:

Kinney Dancewear
Ballet, Tap, & Jazz Shoes
Leotards, Tights, &
1864 S. Hurstbourne Pkwy
Louisville, Ky. 40220
(502) 499-6262

Target, WalMart & Kohl’s carry Jazz/stretch pants & active wear and some leotards.



Discount Dance Supply
Dance Wear Solutions




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